Birthday Coming Soon

Next week is going to be my birthday. I’ll be turning 58 on Thursday which is a big deal. Not because of the actual age, but because of the roller coaster year I’ve had medically. If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with a rare disease.  It turns out that is genetically linked to my connective tissue disease which is also genetic. Talk about a gene pool! And… I passed all those lovely genes on to both my daughter and son!

Anyway, as I am about to turn 58, I have been reflecting over this past year. I lost my right kidney, experienced dozens of anaphylactic episodes, spent way too many days in ICU and so many ER visits that the staff at Albany Med ER began to recognize me as the EMS crew rolled me in on the stretcher. I had a port-a-cath surgically implanted in my left chest for home IV infusions and spent a good deal of time in Boston where most of my specialists are located.

Through all of this craziness, I was able to maintain a very positive attitude, continue my daily meditation practice, feed my body whole foods that made me feel more energetic, spend time with family and friends, use all of my self-soothing techniques that I teach my clients and feel blessed and grateful.

The biggest blessing of the entire year was that even during the worst times, I was able to maintain my health coaching practice. I wrote an 8-week online e-course that is soon to be released from my hospital bed. I continued my blog, my article writing and even seeing clients! I often would call from the ER to cancel their sessions, to reschedule as soon as I was discharged. I have the most amazing and understanding clients!!

I absolutely believe that my Mindful Eating, meditation, self-soothing techniques, family and friend support and my positive attitude are all what has kept me going. Please share with me what you do for you.birthday candles



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Random Acts of Kindness Week

February 10-16, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week. This is a special week to step out of your routine, out of your comfort zone and celebrate by attempting a random act of kindness each day. It doesn’t need to be a major life-altering event. Something small can make a difference.

How about smile at each person you see? You may just alter their day! That’s free and easy. This is my personal favorite! The ideas are limitless. You can also pay it forward. As someone does for you, you do for someone else.

Helping others is good for our health! When we reach out to provide assistance to those in need, studies show that it reduces our stress level and increases our immunity.

My Grandma DeCicco was a sweet, loving Italian woman. She loved cooking… for everyone. And helping anyone she came into contact with, in whatever way she could. Grandma always said, “Do something nice for someone, but don’t tell anyone. It takes away the good when you brag about it.” Wise woman!! This is my grandma who left this earth in 1964, but her love and wisdom stays with us. What random act of kindness will you do?Grandma DeCicco

How Do You Feel?

As we end the month of January and head into February, how are you doing? If you made New Year’s resolutions, have you kept on course? If you were following my suggestions before I made the 10-day hospital detour, you know that making small, daily changes will bring you closer to your ultimate health goals.

Winter months, especially in the northeast, can be long, cold and dreary. How do you stay energized and inspired to keep moving towards your goals? Here’s my secret: I pay close attention to how I feel. My body talks to me loudly and clearly. And yours will too if you listen.

Whatever food you put in your mouth, nutritious or not, you will feel the difference. Shortly after, you will feel energized or drained. Your blood sugar will be stable for 3 or more hours or it will spike up and nose dive down, leaving you hungry, cranky and tired.

If you are very sedentary, getting little exercise, no stretching or cardio, your body will let you know by being more fatigued. It’s funny how you’re too tired to go for a short walk, yet you feel so much better when you do!

Mild dehydration leaves you tired, headachy and without energy. Pay attention to just how many ounces of water you actually drink.

And I couldn’t end this check-in without a mention about your relaxation. What are you doing every day to chill? Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, listening to music?

My post-hospital discharge recovery has been faster than I expected… because I really paid attention to what my body was telling me. I ate the food my body needed for nourishment, rested when I needed to, exercised as able, drank plenty of water and herbal tea and meditated several times a day.

I’m happy to report that I feel so much better! How do you feel? Are you paying attention? Oh! And I cannot forget someone who helped me everyday… Buddy. Buddy