Hit the Reset Button

I’ve been missing in action for a while. As I had mentioned several blog posts back, we sold our house in the summer and were staying in a small apartment temporarily while our house was being built. Our closing was December 22nd and we moved in the same day. The 2 weeks prior was packing and Christmas week was unpacking and celebrating Christmas with family in our new house. But… it’s time to hit the reset button.

Moving can be a bit stressful. Holidays can be a bit stressful. Add the two together and I experienced a bit of a challenge. I think I weathered it quite well, but some of my regular routine and healthy habits fell off a little. My early morning meditation was often replaced with long days of packing and organizing in between clients.

Shopping for my wonderful fresh fruits and veggies was not as frequent as typical. Although our “takeout” was really nutritious and mostly organic food, it was not always my home-prepared food that makes me feel so good.

We are now settled into our new home and loving it. I especially love my new kitchen, where I have been cooking up a storm. We designed it to be easy to navigate… and it is. My husband has happily reaped the benefits of this wonderful kitchen.

I am not a believer of New Year’s goals because they are so often broken within a couple of weeks. Instead, I prefer slowly adding one small thing and when it’s part of your daily habit, adding another. Time for me to hit that rest button to feeling my best! Did you miss me? kitchen

Simple Foods

Just a few days before Christmas, we will be moving into our new house. I know… it’s a crazy time of year to be moving. One of the things I will not be worrying about is the menu. My plan is to cook and serve simple foods.

These past four months have been, ummm, interesting. We sold our last home in 10 days and had to find a place to stay until our new small ranch home was finished. So we found a small, one-bedroom apartment and stored all of our furniture except our couch, bed and kitchen stuff.

We are so happy to be moving into the house we helped design. It is perfect for us. Small, compact and everything on one level. Timing is less than perfect since I doubt I will be unpacked by Christmas Day. But I have made a deal with my somewhat perfectionistic self. I will be grateful to be in my new house and have my family there, boxes and all.

So back to the food. Although I would prefer to make several dishes (I am Italian after all), I will be making simple but delicious foods, as always, focusing on whole foods. Roasted chicken, sweet potatoes, lots of organic veggies… simple foods.

My real joy will be spending time with our two daughters, son and their families. Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than seeing our grown children. We have kept the same ritual since they were young of opening presents and stockings late Christmas morning. And I will annoy them with my photo taking, as usual.

What is your Christmas ritual?Roasted Chicken

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Moving and Other Life Changes

We recently sold our house. It was a bittersweet moment. I loved our house but could no longer navigate the stairs with my dislocating joints, due to my Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We are building a ranch with everything on one level and I am very excited about that but because our house sold so fast (10 days), we needed to find a place to live in the interim, as our house was being built. I had the realization yet again… moving and other life changes have the potential to really disrupt your healthy lifestyle.

Moving can be a stressful event. This is our 5th move in 12 years, so I’m pretty good at it by now. The biggest positive is getting rid of things you really don’t need. I am a minimalist but my husband is not. Moving allows us to reassess what needs to come with us and what can be passed on. But all of this takes time… lots of time.

And as moving day approaches, it becomes so easy to suspend cooking healthy meals and just order out. I have to admit that even I was tempted to pack up my pots and pans and do the same. Instead, I packed everything in the entire house possible, except my very essential pots and pans, a few dishes, silverware and glasses.

I planned out dinners for the week of the move, knowing I was exhausted and in pain (from the Ehlers-Danlos), making them fairly simple but nourishing.

I made meditation a priority. Sleep was lacking, mostly from my pain, but I would strongly suggest that those of you not challenged with something like this get as much sleep as possible. Meditation was my alternative.

I also “snuck in” 15 minute walks first thing in the morning. If I did them before breakfast, I not only had enough energy, but Buddy, my Chihuahua/Jack Russell mix needed the exercise to release his anxiety about the upheaval in the house from the move.

There were days that I wanted to order out, skip the walk, forget meditation and just ignore all of the moving stuff. But experience has shown me that making myself a priority and keeping my healthy regimen would make this move less stressful.

I am happy to say, we are now in our temporary apartment until our new house is built. I’m unpacked, settled and even Buddy is adjusting.

All of life changes can challenge you. What has happened recently to you, making it difficult to follow your healthy plan?photo