Brain Retraining

This is a long overdue post on the second protocol that I began in December. If you haven’t been following my blog up till now, I am testing three separate protocols in an effort to improve my health. See my previous blog posts for the first protocol. Brain retraining is the second protocol and the most intriguing.

The explanation can get complicated if not done sequentially and comprehensively, so I will do my best to be brief yet thorough.

Brain retraining involves mostly the limbic system that is responsible for emotions and memories. It is also our “ancient” brain and our subconscious brain. It is closely connected to our autonomic nervous system, that flight or fight response.

Our limbic system can become hypersensitive and begin responding to things that are not a threat. But our body responds as if it is! We can respond to triggers of all kinds. Neuroscientists have shown that we can rewire our brain, or limbic system to NOT react or respond to these triggers. Neuroplasticity! 

The program I have been following was used at the Mayo Clinic so that is why I chose this one. The Gupta Amygdala Retraining Program has been quite amazing. I have to say that initially, I was skeptical. Some of the techniques used are NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), meditation, mindfulness, yogic practices, visualization and more. I already used most of those in my daily life, but the specific techniques are unique.

I wondered if it would work for me because he originally intended the program to be for people with chronic fatigue syndrome but has since realized it helps so many others. I have been astounded at how much progress I have made in recovery. I have been able to decrease some of my meds for mast cells. I still have much more to do as I still struggle with pain.

The support provided is incredible, from online webinars, to free apps, support group and email support. If you have any questions about the brain retraining program, feel free to leave questions below or email me at