Thankful for All of YOU

As you prepare for your Thanksgiving holiday, either traveling to a relative’s house, cooking pies, doing last minute shopping or getting your house ready for guests, take a few minutes to reflect. What are YOU thankful for this year?

We often fuss over the menu of yummy turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and all the other trimmings. Many of my clients worry about overeating with so much delicious food. I reassure them that it’s okay to enjoy the holiday dishes and remind them anything eaten mindfully and savored is perfect.

So when you sit down to the dining room table tomorrow with your crazy Uncle Harry (sorry to all the normal Uncle Harry’s out there), crying babies, fighting siblings, grandmas and grandpas (if you’re lucky enough to still have yours on this earthly plane), what will you be thinking? I will be thinking how incredibly thankful I am that I am still here to enjoy my family. For those of you new to my blog, this past year has been extremely medically challenging for me with 7 hospital admissions, 3 in ICU, a right kidney removal and 12 ER visits. The saga continues but I am blessed with amazing doctors, a very supportive family, a loving husband, a daughter and son who are just incredible and an unwavering belief in my purpose in this earth. Yes, I am grateful… I am especially thankful to ALL of you for continuing to follow me and read my posts. Happy Thanksgiving to you!! appreciated-300x161

Christmas Day

I hosted Christmas dinner at my house this year with the 3 F’s in abundance- family, food and fun. From age 24 to 84, we shared gifts, traditional Italian food and several other dishes and lots of laughter. We had baked ziti and pasta fagioli, roasted turkey breast, roast beef, fresh raw veggies, fresh fruit platter, roasted balsamic brussel sprouts, spinach strawberry salad, multigrain baguette, scalloped oysters and several desserts. We served it buffet style and got to taste a little of each yummy. To go containers for anyone were available so all could enjoy comfortably without stuffing and bring home the rest. Siblings and cousins were teasing, family sharing memories and honoring our loved ones who have left this earthly plane. Miss you Dad, Dad H. and Kyle.  Share your day with me…

Holiday Family Dynamics


When several family members gather for holiday dinner, all of the colorful personalities are joined together. We can be triggered from past experiences to either jump in and “save the situation” or smooth ruffled feathers. When alcohol is added to the situation, verbal filters are diminished adding to the exchange. This Thanksgiving, you have two choices when in the presence of those interesting family dynamics. Sit back and observe… or become entangled in the web. We really have no impact on the behavior of others, certainly not over a Thanksgiving dinner. Unless it is your child who needs limits set, perhaps stepping back and just taking a deep breath, letting it all play out as it needs to play out, will turn your day into a pleasurable experience, despite the antics of our often times disruptive relatives. Observe or engage? Mindfulness encourages non-judgmental observation. Which do you choose?





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