Baking Fun on SCD

As I have continued on the Special Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), the most fun has been experimenting with baking. Because the SCD is totally grain-free, baking is done completely with almond flour. In Elaine Gottschall’s book that I previously referenced, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, she explains the need for blanched almond flour. This is almonds with the skin removed. Because almond flour can be costly, I have found a brand on Amazon that is not only really good, but cost-effective.

I have made many different muffins, breads and breakfast treats using this almond flour. My husband, Brian, has been thrilled with each recipe. These were the Cinnamon Coffee Cake Muffins from Lucy’s Cookbook that I referenced in the last post. Next to it is Lois Lang’s Luscious Bread. We use that recipe to make our sandwiches. It slices and toasts well.

cinnamon coffee cake

Here is a pic of a sandwich made with the bread. It is a small loaf, so Brian usually makes two sandwiches. I also poached some pears for my lunch this day, because initially, only cooked fruit is allowed for better digestion.sandwich with bread

Also from Lucy’s Cookbook, I made Apple Cobbler. It was similar to my old apple crisp recipe and very good. Each time a make something, I get a thumbs up from Brian. apple cobblerapple cobbler cooked





These Parmesan Onion Rolls are absolutely delicious! We use these as hamburger buns, for chicken breasts sandwiches or anything you’d want a moist, tasty roll. Interestingly, I had not been able to eat Parmesan for over two years, but I have no problem with these.

Parmesan rolls

Hope you liked the pics of my baking fun. I have been enjoying myself, experimenting with different recipes. Some of our favorites are Apple Cinnamon Muffins, Banana Muffins, Carrot Cake Muffins and Peanut Butter Brownies.

The best part about these recipes is that they are high in protein because of the almond flour and low in sugar. They do all have butter as the fat, but I sometimes cut down a little on the amount without any change in taste or texture.

And the even better part is that I have been able to enjoy and tolerate without any mast cell reactions all of the recipes except for one… the lemon blueberry muffins. This is the second time lemon has caused a reaction, so it is safe to say lemon is out… for now.

I am having fun baking the SCD way and will continue trying new recipes. I am now two months into SCD and doing well. I have learned a few things about my body, it’s reaction to SCD and how to go forward. Stay tuned to the next post.


Whole Grain Bread Confusion

Carbs or no carbs is not the debate for this post. It’s the confusion caused by the commercial bakers about whole grain bread. So many people have mistakenly bought bread labeled whole grain but the bread is actually only partially whole grain.

When I am first teaching a client about whole grains, we always have this discussion because the companies are cunning with their deception. The packaging may say whole grain, the first ingredient may actually be whole grain, but unless all the flour is whole grain, they have slipped in some white flour. Yes, some highly processed, stripped of nutrients white flour.

Until white flour is “enriched” with vitamins and minerals, it is devoid of nutrition. Bleached flour, enriched flour, wheat flour, white flour are all the same thing! Unless it states 100% whole grain, it is white flour!

Even when the packaging says multi-grain, 7 grain,12 grain or whole grain white, unless all of the flour is 100% whole grain, it is NOT a whole grain bread. It just has some whole grain in it. It’s like saying pure fruit juice when it’s sugar and water with some pure fruit juice in it. Commercial bakers know consumers want whole grain goodness but prefer the texture of white flour, so to make it palatable, they compromise and call it whole grain.

If you really want the goodness of whole grain bread, read the label thoroughly. And do you really want all those chemicals in your wholesome goodness? I suggest 6 or less ingredients and things that your grandmother could pronounce.  This is the label of a very well-known brand of bread labeled both whole grain and 7 grain. NOT!

7 grain bread.43.47 PMNotice the 2nd ingredient and the chemicals. There are other tasty, healthy alternatives. What is your favorite whole grain bread? Leave a note in the comment area below.

Whole Wheat Bread

Buying store-bought wheat bread can be confusing to consumers expecting whole grain goodness due to misleading packaging. When you buy whole wheat bread, is it really whole wheat? If the first ingredient isn’t 100% whole wheat, it is not whole grain. Often the package label says wheat flour as the first ingredient which is really processed white flour. Even if it is whole wheat, does it contain high fructose corn syrup, mono and diglycerides or other preservatives or chemicals? It can be challenging finding a quality whole grain bread but I recommend any that have 6 or less ingredients. Buy locally made whole wheat bread that most closely resembles homemade. I love Heidleberg 100% whole wheat and I want to try some from All Good Bakers. What is your favorite?